Project Description


  • It is proposed that the large aerated lagoons to be upgraded to a mechanized Pantai 2 STP to alleviate the current situation. The new centralized waste water treatment facility will generate standard A effluent in accordance with the Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulation 2009.
  • A compact treatment facility using Advanced A2O process together with sludge treatment and dewatering facilities will be constructed. This is to replace the existing aerated lagoons, which will incorporate anaerobic digestion with solid dewatering.
  • A 1.423 million PE sludge management facility will be constructed to treat and manage the waste biological sludge, with the provision of bio gas power generation facility.
  • The Pantai 2 STP will be developed as an underground facility with ground/area above the STP developed as a leisure park with sports, recreational, administration building and community facilities for the local residents.

Legend :-

  • A20 – Anaerobic, Anoxic and Oxic Zone